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Welcome to the unofficial Velka Pardubicka website

I do not own the copywrite to this image - please email me at Becher1234@yahoo.co.uk if you object to its use here and I will remove it immediately.

As Freewebs seem to have allowed their 'free' websites to to continue after warning me at the end of 2019 that they would be taken down (leading me to spend most of lockdown consolidating and removing all my Grand National websites to another platform) after a years hiatus I am back.

The site has been slimmed down slightly which is a work in progress hopefully to be finished later this year.

Anyway this is the ultimate, unofficial website of Eastern Europes most exciting (I would say demanding but to be frank on the evidence of recent Velkas if you can clear the Taxis, Irish Bank and the very tricky sixth fence (Popkovices Turn) you are almost guaranteed to finish the course) steeplechase. I am also confident that you won't find a better one anywhere else on the web and to be frank I am somewhat surprised that the powers that be in Czech horse racing have not given me an award for my promotion of their great race. 

Never mind - the Velka has obssessed me since childhood, I have managed four trips to Pardubice (1995, 2005, 2006 & 2008) and the hospitaity and the Czech 'craic' was something else. One day I will go back.

My thanks go out to Miroslav Nehyba, the leading authority on the race for all his help with my research and in the days before they became available on Youtube for sending me DVDs of the race between 1979 & 1993, to Robin Healey who provides me with all the information on Czech racing throughout the year and who does not mind when I crib his form guide, the staff at Pardubice for their hospitality and  the lads at Course & Distance Racing who used to organise some fantastic trips to Pardubice .

A special thanks must go out to photographer Tomas Svaton who emailed me after the 2011 race and has allowed me to use some of his excellent photographs on the website.

I do hope that you, like myself and thousands of other British and Irish racegoers decide to take a racing break in the Czech Republic and Pardubice. A warm welcome and some excellent horse racing awaits. You won`t regret it.

If you have any enquries about the Velka Pardubicka or horse racing in the Czech & Slovak Republics please do not hesitate to contact me on Becher1234@yahoo.co.uk.

Chris - October 2022


I have removed the guestbook page - fewer enquiries in recent years (Covid didn't help) which makes me wonder whether the UK and Irish love affair with the race is over and  also too many ads for viagara popping up.

Annoyingly I have not been able to get rid of the posts below.


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